• Fleeting visages of fall: part 2

    From Bedford:
    Today was a lesson in yellow. Here’s part two of fleeting visages with a decided emphasis on the bounty of a protracted fall season.

    A cultivar of Weigela florida (possibly ‘Courtalor’) showing remarkable fall color for a weigela. In 9 years I have never seen the color this clear or intense.

    Though often avoided because of its roving tendencies, Lysimachia clethroides is a favorite plant of mine, especially for its fall color. Ours is planted in a drier location and thus usually doesn’t develop phenomenal fall color like it would if it were planted on a wetter site. While I’d love to have the rich red, amber, and orange mix, I’ll settle for this rusty yellow blend instead.

    In a garden I found serendipity! Who’d of thought that the fading foliage of this Lilium cultivar would produce such an alarming display of gold?

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