• 2009: In Review

    Growing up, living, and gardening in a winter-stricken, temperate climate gives you a unique perspective on the rhythm of life, particularly the cadence of the seasons.  I feel like that cadence is lost on many people, September bleeding into February and sinking into June without fanfare or celebration for the simple tide of weather, flowers, and birds.  Philosophical?  Maybe.  But impractical?  Not so!

    With that celebration of the seasons in mind, please enjoy these images from my garden.  It’s not a perfect canvas, and I don’t care!  It’s mine, and that’s what matters.  If you take away nothing from this blog other than a feverish passion for independence and uniqueness in your own gardening space, rock on!  Happy digging!





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  1. C.L. says:

    Beautiful! Does the pup like snow?

  2. kdnblog says:

    Actually she ADORES show. She’ll happily run about for hours chasing her tail or anything else that moves against that sparkling backdrop!

  3. Hey Kelly – This is slightly off-topic, but looking at these images of your garden made me wonder – have you read the Ogdens’ “Plant-Driven Design”?

  4. Oh, and complements on the garden photos. I like the plum-leaved sedum – which one is it?

  5. kdnblog says:

    Yes! It’s one of my favorite books in fact. Read it cover to cover when I first got it. The front garden started in 2006.

  6. kdnblog says:

    Thanks very much. I always appreciate your feedback! That variety is ‘Black Jack’ which honestly isn’t one of my favorites. It scorches horribly, turning almost silvery (you might be able to see that in the pics?) about 1/2 the way down. It may get pulled out in favor of ‘Bon Bon’ or one of my plummy (good adj) seedlings that needs evaluated in the open garden.

  7. The dark sedum that I’ve been frequently impressed with at MBG is ‘Postman’s Pride’ – have you tried it? It’s got a high gloss to the leaves which really makes it stand out. Habit is rather awkward, but the color is outstanding.

  8. kdnblog says:

    I’ve grown it. Still have one in the front garden (in the same garden as ‘Black Jack’ I’ve got about 13 different “dark” sedums, plus many rock garden types). I’m not a fan of it. It’s habit is lax and vigor nil. I’ve not seen it looking “smashing” anywhere that I can recall. The growers I’ve talked to don’t care for it either because it doesn’t like to hold up in a pot very well. Sorry….ranting….

  9. Have you grown ‘Xerox’? That was another dark one we admired here. I’m not much of a sedum person myself (sorry), but people plant them. Now, if we labeled them “Hylotelephium”…

  10. kdnblog says:

    I assume you mean ‘Xenox’, and yes I like its dusky look. All the systematic shifts are really helpful when planning crosses and laying out breeding work….but my tags still say Sedum 😉

  11. your garden looks stunning. thanks for the lovely images.


  12. kdnblog says:

    Many thanks for your kind words Adam! Appreciate it!

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