• Away to the Garden

    Yes, I’ve been away.  I haven’t posted on this blog in nearly two months and at that during one of the busiest times of a gardener’s life.  I trust you won’t be too upset.  If you’re like me, I’m just rediscovering what an inbox is after traveling back and forth between Ames, our nursery, and around the country for a few engagements.  Let’s catch up.

    Probably the most noteworthy item of business to report on is the iris bloom season at Rainbow Iris Farm.  We had one of the best bloom seasons of recent years, due in large part to a cold, snowy winter and ample rain this spring.  The early temperatures of April exponentially powered spring into the early days of May only to be brought to a cool compromise by mid-month.  Rain has since ensued with some regularity–an eloquent way of saying we’re about to float away, again.  It seems southwest Iowa in recent springs is like a little outpost of Portland, OR.  Oy vey…

    But check out some pictures of iris season below.  I had a great seedling crop too, which left me filled with ideas about the future of iris breeding.  From what we’ve heard, many of you experienced similar bevies of rainbow flowers.  Here, here to the queens of spring!

    In just a few short days, I’m headed home to really garden.  I’ve managed to accumulate plants for three months only to plant about 1% of them.  No longer!  Root-bound, pot-weary, and in need of incessant watering, this tired collection of shrubs and perennials will see dirt by week’s end (weather permitting, sigh).  Even if I can’t plant, I’ll do something.  At some point, gardening becomes an occupation of time for me.  Not because I’m avoiding something I’d rather be doing, but simply to toil away at what makes me truly happy.

    I promise the blogging drought won’t last any longer.  I’m away to the garden, and if history tells us anything, I’ll be glad to report.

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  1. Linda Summers says:

    Can I buy the two iris on the left?

  2. kdnblog says:

    Hi Linda!

    ‘Won’t’ will be available next year. The other is just a seedling that we’re using for breeding.

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