• In Midsummer

    Normally I wouldn’t call the 8th of July midsummer, but in a year like this it feels like it already.  Maybe it’s because I’m not here nearly everyday like I was last the past two summers.  Time rolls on in waves of new flowers, color in and out with a rhythm I admire.  That rhythm can be seen beautifully in the restored, remnant, and reconstructed prairies across my home state where the seasons fade into each other with paradoxically exacting effort.  Each week seems to own its identity.

    Some day, maybe next year, I’d love to start a calendar project that documents the passing of each week in my garden photographically.  You can join in too!  It’ll truly be a garden calendar that causes us to revere the seasons as they evolve across the tapestry of our landscapes.

    Until then, here are a few of the garden-worthy natives gracing the stage of my garden and/or local prairies this week.  More again soon, but for now, I’m headed to the garden!

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