• ISU Extension Hort Calendar on-sale now!

    2011 ISU Extension Horticulture Calendar

    So I decided to add an additional category for blog posts–shameless self-promotion.  And here’s the first one!

    The 2011 ISU Extension Horticulture Calendar is now for sale!  And guess what?  The photography is courtesy of yours truly (including the cover shot!)  For only $6.00 and written by two of ISU’s top extension horticulturists (Dr. Cindy Haynes and Mr. Richard Jauron), how can you go wrong?

    Great gardener’s Christmas gift!

2 Responsesso far.

  1. Love the cover photo! You manage to make even those fugly echinaceas look good…

  2. kdnblog says:

    HA! Thank you sir for your kind words!

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