• Up in the Air

    No, I haven’t seen the movie, but as I wrote that title it prompted me to scurry over to Netflix and add it to my queue.  I loved the trailer.  It captured the thrill and rush of travel that I live for, the pace, the small conversations in nonchalant pubs and cafes in terminals countrywide.  Now we’ll see if it’s all realized in the movie or not.

    Tangents aside, I’m in the air this week for the Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium held this year in Dallas, Texas.  My buddy Jimmy Turner is heading it up this year, and he’s promised us a good ol’ Texas time.  Unlike my ill-fated attempts at blogging during the Perennial Plant Association Symposium in July, I will get posts up, ‘pert near daily (in the best Texan accent I can muster).    Keep an eye on your inbox as I share the latest in products, plants, tomfoolery, and cajoling between colleagues.

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  1. Yay! Tomfoolerly! I shall read them eagerly and pretend I am there, not stuck in the lab all day…

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