• Garden Writers Day 1

    I always struggle with where to start after first days at conventions.  In the company of great plants, great people, and great tomfoolery (I just love that word), it’s hard to focus my thoughts–harder than normal at least.

    So I’ll keep it all planty this round.  Today I found myself in the company of Dan Heims (Terra Nova Nurseries), Rita Randolph (Randolph’s Greenhouses), and Sharee Solow at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas.  If you’re down this way, you really should take time to visit this extraordinary municipal public garden.  Kudos to Debbie Garrett, our tour guide, for taking time out of her day to shepherd zealous plant lovers around their collections.

    The highlights of the FWBG are two-fold.  It’s hard not to talk about the genus Begonia with Dan, of Heuchera fame no less.  (Fun fact:  Dan told me today that his foray into coral bells was motivated by his desire to find a “hardy” Rex begonia…or at least something that looked darn close.)  It’s then not surprising to learn that FWBG has one of the largest (if not THE) largest collection of begonias in the country.  At just under 1,000 taxa (species and cultivars total), it’s truly a most amazing if not slightly nauseating experience.  I’m tired, but I wanted to share a few photos of some amazing Begonia diversity.  Dan says to check into the American Begonia Society if you need assistance with your addiction.

    The two of the two-fold above is the Japanese garden.  I haven’t been that engaged in a Japanese garden design in a long time, and feeling mental calm for just a few moments really helped make for a relaxing afternoon.  See the gallery below for one of my favorite vistas.

    It all starts again tomorrow at 7:00 a.m., though candidly I’m not sure I’ll begin until at least 8:00 a.m.  Bonne nuit!

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