• Poetry Monday

    Well there you have it.  I’ve decided to post a little snippet of poetry every Monday (or at least every Monday that I think about it).  In the last two months, I’ve taken to writing a collection of poems themed on the seasons–a special passion of mine as you know.  I leaked some verse in a post a few weeks back, to friendly acclaim.  You flatter me.  I hope throughout the next year to ball them up into some collective ode to the beauty of time and seasonal change, but I have no grand plans per se.  For now, I just feel like sharing.

    Nyssa sylvatica 'Zydeco Twist'


    Naked, stark, and cold.
    The lonely spirits of trees.

    Autumn leaves
    To frigid winter

    Naked and sullen
    Stoic and bleak, too
    Trees look bare of life.

    Bereft of seasonal accoutrements
    They waver in winds
    Holding fast against the blow of winter’s blast.

    Some still hold berries
    Red or black, and shriveled
    Gobbled soon enough by birds.

    Naked, stark, and cold
    Those spirits wait for spring.


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