• Happy Birthday, Blog!

    I really do have more to share with you (a LOT more to share) than just a silly happy birthday wish for an otherwise dormant blog.  But the nursery (Rainbow Iris Farm) has kept me hopping lately, especially as I’ve donned the ambitions of dividing existing collections, adding new beds, and trying to squeeze in a few new things to look at in the coming seasons.  All work scurried to completion on the unfortunate eve of frost, likely not more than a month away.

    What’s worse, in my traveler’s mania, I left ‘that bag’ containing the camera in Ames, a good 2.5 hours from my garden.  Drats.  So many swatches of gleaming color to share and no Canon Rebel Xti with which to do it.  Grumbling…

    Yes, I still have to post journals from South Dakota trip.  I hate breaking promises, but I trust you understand my gravitation to gardening duties.  Computer time increases in the months when snow flies–the thought of which is rather unpleasant I have to admit.

    Keep in touch, and when I get a minute this fall, I will write more!

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  1. I’m sitting here in Southern California on a sunny day in late November and griping that the temperatures have plunged to low 60s while you are contemplating frost and snow in August. There’s got to be some justice here although I fail to see it.

    I am, however, very thankful for living and gardening where I do.

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