• Fall on Fire

    Yesterday, I spent the afternoon wandering the October quiet aisles of Cox’s Plant Farm near Clayton, Indiana.  I came across some lovely, handsome, and well-grown chrysanthemums, which coming from a ‘non-mum’ fan means a lot, and stole away with some ultra-cheap Crocosmia for breeding work.  Against the overcast sky, their flowers blazed.  And that’s what I love about fall–the fires of the landscape that kindle my inner pyro, even if only imaginatively.  As I flew back to Des Moines last night, I thought I’d share some fire with you.

    Take care raking leaves and relishing the smells of hot cider!


    Fall: on Fire


    Fall:  on fire

    Brush alight,

    leaves inflamed,

    unlike night.


    Against simmering sun

    defiantly blaze,

    Fall hues

    refusing glaze.


    Of cold Winter,

    colorless days,

    bleached remains,

    dimming rays.


    Burning through hours–

    The last

    The bright

    Soon past.


    Fall on fire,

    never burn,

    take care,

    Flames turn.



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  1. Panayoti says:

    You’re a poet as well: is there anything you DON’T do? Really glad we snagged you next April!

  2. kdnblog says:

    Skydiving….. that I DON’T do. 😉

  3. kdnblog says:

    Also super psyched to come out to Denver! Looking forward to getting the details sorted out!

  4. I am always amazed at the brilliance of nature and these very firy mums prove my point. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping, the skies are becoming more cloudy and winter is threatening. So, mother nature provides us with splashes of brightly hot-colored blooms to cheer us all up.

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