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    Some of you remember that through September and October, I was the featured photographer at the Des Moines Botanical Center in Des Moines, Iowa.  My exhibit entitled ‘Fall is for Flowers’, featured 40 images that displayed what is all too often overlooked about autumn–the flowers that comprise the finale of the growing season.  I went a little quirky and threw in some other ‘fall-ish’ things to round out the exhibit.  After all, what’s a garden without foliage, bark, fruit, and high heels?  (Now you’re curious!)

    Since the exhibit closed last week, I decided to let it live on for a little bit longer here on the site.  Click here to peruse the gallery for yourself!


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  1. Your photography, Kelly, is absolutely magnificent. My favorite would have to be the sycamore leaf because it is so simple and unpretentious yet epitomizes Autumn which happens to be my favorite season of the year.

  2. Kelly Norris says:

    Hanna, thanks for your very kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the exhibit!

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