• The Plantsman’s Advent Calendar

    Sitting at my computer over lunch, I happened upon a bang-up idea–an advent calendar.  One of the hallmarks of Christmas growing up in my house  was the advent calendars that my grandma and mom gave my brother and me every year.  I devoured the little chocolate morsels day-by-day, counting down the seeming eternity until the biggest chocolate on Christmas day.

    So my idea?  Why not celebrate the build-up to a big announcement I want to make later this month one stylish, chic plant at a time?  Starting tomorrow, December 1, I will share a plant a day–a pick of my favorite things to grow and share with fellow plant lovers just like you, and on December 25, with any luck, I’ll unveil my next project.  Share the link with your friends and follow along.  There might be an extra surprise or two along the way!

4 Responsesso far.

  1. I like it! With the ground now white, I need some good virtual plant times!

  2. Kelly Norris says:

    I’ll do my best Joseph!

  3. Faye Frank says:

    Kelly, can you make your “Plantsman Advent Calendar” printable?

  4. Kelly Norris says:

    Hi Faye,

    This ‘advent calendar’ is just a blog parade of sorts–a daily post in the Christmas spirit leading up to a big announcement. I don’t anticipate turning this into a printed project at this point. Great idea though!

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