• The Plantsman’s Advent Calendar Day 13: Orostachys boehmeri

    I would be remiss if I didn’t include some proper succulents in this parade of sorts.  A few more will follow later in the month.  Succulents are all the rage these days–they’re hip, retro throwbacks to the houseplant craze, embraced outdoors for their striking textures and rugged dependability.  One that I happily embrace (with my thumbs) is Orostachys boehmeri.

    This chic little dunce’s cap came to my garden via a plant swap with my crazy garden buddy Matthew Morrow, who’s passion for succulents has rubbed off just a little.  A monocarp (meaning it lives long enough to flower, set seed and die), it gladly reseeds to ensure that a stable colony graces the garden scene on an annual basis with its Seussical flowers, seafaring foliage, and actinomorphic rosettes.  I don’t think I would garden without it now.

    I’m sort of at a loss for words for a plant that seems so effortless, handsome, and respectable.  At home in a scree garden, trough, or any location with ample drainage, a sunny exposure, and adoring fans, this petite chap, though doomed to where his dunce, takes the cake for botanical entertainment. Plant abundantly.


    Proven Winners

    Wrightman Alpines

    Orostachys boehmeri, ©2011, Kelly D. Norris

    Orostachys boehmeri, ©2011, Kelly D. Norris

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  1. Panayoti says:

    I too love these little gremlins and have grown them for decades. I find they persist especially well on shallow shelves of soil on rocks and love containers. My favorite pot of them now is underplanting a gnarly Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata). That’s one pot you can forget to water and will coast on cheerfully…

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