• The Plantsman’s Advent Calendar Day 14: Veronica ‘Tidal Pool’ PPAF

    Today, I’m again giving a shout out for a new plant that I feel needs some media attention.  From the masterful hands of plant breeder Dr. Jim Ault of Chicago Botanic Gardens, Veronica ‘Tidal Pool’ tops my list of hot plants to watch for in 2012.  At least it’s not a hydrangea or coneflower (seriously, can we just vow to knock off the ‘me too’ genetics?  Innovation much?)  I first heard about this when Jim, my friend Winston, and I spent a week hunting plants on the Great Plains.  What else do plantsmen talk about while searching out plants besides…plants?

    Selected in 2008 from a cross made in 2007, this good-kind-of-creepy groundcover glows in full flower in almost unimaginable shades of blue.  The parents of this hybrid speedwell are Veronica armena and Veronica pectinata ‘Rosea’, both reputable prostrate speedwells.  Jim reports that this variety blooms for four weeks from May through June in Chicago, gracing the garden during the colorful peak of the northern temperate growing season.  Can you imagine the combinations?  ‘Tidal Pool’  pooling between sunshiny Allium moly with pink waves of Silene ‘Longwood’ (also a Jim Ault plant…I sense a designer combination set coming on!) hovering in the forefront of the vignette.  Yes, that’ll be $34.95, and I’ll even come plant it for you….

    Snapping back, the best part about this groundcover veronica is as Jim writes “Two-year-old plants have grown to 2″ tall by 22″ wide on a clay soil, and to 3″ tall x 30″ wide on a sand soil. ”  Impressive.  As of writing this, I’m not pat positive who all will be carrying this retail for 2012, but I do know that several growers in the Chicagoland Grows® network have it in production.  Stay tuned.  We all need to be growing this.

    Source (anticipated):

    Plant Delights Nursery

    Veronica 'Tidal Pool', photo courtesy of Jim Ault

    Veronica 'Tidal Pool', photo courtesy of Jim Ault

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  1. Damn, that’s hot! I like it! And I’m totally stealing the phrase “me too genetics” — PERFECTLY sums it up!

  2. Riz Reyes says:

    Wow! I need a drift of that at Landwave Gardens! Veronicas tend to do poorly for me or are difficult to garden with here in the Northwest because it gets too wet or weed seeds tend to find themselves tangled with the wiry stems making them a maintenance nightmare!

    Would still love to try these as I’m a sucker for lovely blues and I get tired of watering Lobelias during the summer months.

  3. I have Veronica
    growing as ground cover around one of my Maple trees. I’d be happy to let it spread throughout the whole lawn with maybe some walking paths! I love it!

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