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    Posted on March 6, 2012 by Kelly Norris in From my garden to yours....

    Dear all,

    This weekend I inadvertently activated a post that wasn’t supposed to be public (it was just an experiment to host images for a project I was doing on Pinterest).  I sent an email out to the subscriber list, but have since realized that many of you didn’t receive that since you subscribe via feeds.  I apologize for these gaffes.  For those who didn’t receive it, here’s the message I sent to the email subscribers explaining the situation this weekend:

    Dear devoted followers,

    My sincere apologies for the confusing email that you received this morning asking for a password to an otherwise non-existent blog post.  I was doing some tinkering with some settings and inadvertently triggered a post that went out to the subscriber list.

    Rest assured, I’m not restricting access to anything on this site.  Browse, read, and enjoy!

    Happy gardening,


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  1. Marilyn (@ms_mims) Haske says:

    Gaffes? Hmmm. LOL! Guess that just means you’re human, and not *really* an Iris god… 😉

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