Media coverage

Sometimes Kelly is featured in media:

07.17.16 Gardening Know-How, Q&A with Kelly Norris

03.16.16 5 Secrets of Successful Gardeners (quoted in)

01.13.16 GardenRant, The Planetary Style and Wisdom of Norris, Clement and Lacey

11.27.15 GreenProfit, Bringing Style into the Garden

05.13.15, American Nurseryman, Profile: Kelly Norris

06.25.14, New York Times, “Botany’s New Boys

01.27.14, Des Moines Register, “Growing A Career”

03.30.13, Organic Gardening magazine, “The New Generation”

01.30.13, dsm magazine, “Kelly D. Norris in detail”


Sometimes Kelly is contributing to media:

Kelly Norris: 4 Ways We’re Leaving Growth Opportunities On The Table

Kelly Norris: How The “Me Too” Philosophy Affects Plant Breeding

Learn How Unconventional Plants Can Be Hidden Gems

Kelly Norris: Three Variety Trends That Caught My Eye This Spring

Kelly Norris: Why The Plant Collector Market Is Set To Explode, And What It Means For You

Kelly Norris Says There’s Great Potential In Landscape Plugs


Kelly Norris: Questioning The Purpose Of New Plants

“Plants that scoff at heavy clay soils”, Fine Gardening, issue 151

His photos have been published in several books and in the following publications:

  • Fine Gardening
  • The American Gardener
  • Iowa Gardener
  • The Heirloom Gardener
  • Des Moines Register
  • dsm magazine
  • Iowa State University