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  • Dirca by Day

    Posted on November 12, 2010 by Kelly Norris in From my garden to yours..., plant profiles, shameless self promotion.

    Since starting my M.S. degree in horticulture at Iowa State last fall, I’ve wanted to write on numerous occasions about my research, but just haven’t found the time. Though I moonlight in my professional life as a plant breeder, by day I’m a plant ecophysiologist, someone who studies and describes physiological mechanisms underlying ecological observations […]

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  • Fine Gardening Debut!

    Posted on August 12, 2010 by Kelly Norris in shameless self promotion.

    Quick gardeners, race for the newsstands and check out the latest issue of Fine Gardening (October 2010 issue).  If you’re a subscriber, you’ve no doubt received your copy in the mail already.  Flip forward to page 30 and you’ll find yours truly with a “dirty”-y, devious look writing about the five stellar deer-proof plants.  It […]

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  • ISU Extension Hort Calendar on-sale now!

    Posted on August 10, 2010 by Kelly Norris in shameless self promotion.

    So I decided to add an additional category for blog posts–shameless self-promotion.  And here’s the first one! The 2011 ISU Extension Horticulture Calendar is now for sale!  And guess what?  The photography is courtesy of yours truly (including the cover shot!)  For only $6.00 and written by two of ISU’s top extension horticulturists (Dr. Cindy […]

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