Handouts & Downloads

Here are downloadable handouts from recent appearances.

2019 Secchia Lecture

Here are some great sources of plants mentioned in my talks.  Please support these great plantspeople with your patronage!

Local, Midwestern nurseries:

The Flower Factory (easily more perennials in one place than you could dream of, over 4,000 different perennials on-sale, tremendous)

Northwind Perennial Farm (home of plant whisperer Roy Diblik and a perfect collection of Zoneworthy plants)

Mail-order nurseries:

Annie’s Annuals (quirky, hip collection of fun annuals, perennials, and biennials)

Arrowhead Alpines (my absolute favorite catalog in the whole plant world; witty, irreverent, funny and GREAT plants)

Brent & Becky’s Bulbs (a delightful and ever-increasing offering of bulbous plants from the two top U.S. bulb experts)

Far Reaches Farm (a veritable treasure trove of many things¬†I can’t grow in Zone 5, but still worth the retail experience and the hardy finds)

Laporte Avenue Nursery (excellent supplier of plants for rock, scree, saxatile and trough gardens)

Odyssey Bulbs (another believer in the value of underused bulbs, great availability)

Opus Plants (superb micro-nursery in Rhode Island with amazing diversity of cultivars not available in the U.S.)

Plant Delights Nursery (the reigning champ when it comes to awesome, tested plants for gardens everywhere)